Why Kin?

The right brand partnerships can revolutionise your business – injecting magic into your customer relationships and transforming your marketing activity.

The road to partnership success can be long and challenging though. Identifying suitable brands, sourcing the right contacts, researching their business and honing your outreach can overwhelm and hinder progress.

At Kin we illuminate the way – our platform connects you with leading brands actively looking for partners, whilst delivering insight into their business and partnership objectives. Supercharging your efforts and making life easier and more fruitful for all involved.

  • Join an exclusive network of leading consumer brands – place your brand amongst those consumers love.
  • Build connections with partnership decision makers – save time and resource in outreach.
  • Gain valuable insight into partners – learn what they’re looking for and what they can bring to the table so you can tailor outreach and improve success.
  • Build your profile with brands active in the partnership space – showcase all that’s great about your brand, from what you can offer, what you’re looking for and all the latest inspiration to attract your ideal partners.
  • Connect with brands that fit your partner criteria – our dynamic search functionality lets you build a list of potential partners that are right for you.
  • Keep up to date on the latest partnership opportunities – member news provides the latest updates.
  • A platform for agencies too – identify and develop new partnership opportunities for your clients.

Some of our members

Why Brand Partnerships?

Customers have high expectations of your brand. It can be hard to maintain a constant momentum, right? When you partner with another strong brand the result can be doubly effective, with less work and resources required by your team.

With partnerships, not only do participating brands benefit, so too do customers. So that makes it a win-win-win.

Reach new customers

Access new audiences and gain greater distribution, by building on a partner’s momentum and hard-earned position in the market.

Drive brand awareness

Align with the right partners to shift and reinforce customer perceptions of your brand.

Strengthen your offer

Enhancing your offering can be time consuming and costly – working with a partner to expand your product or service can shortcut the process.

Build brand loyalty

Drive engagement by partnering with brands your customers love – adding value to your relationships and earning loyalty for your brand.

New revenue streams

The right partnerships can open new revenue streams for your business, by leveraging your brand & owned media channels, and enabling you to enter new markets.

Bypass media saturation

With a direct route into a partner’s customer base and their endorsement of your brand, partnerships can help you bypass the media bunfight with your competitors.

How Kin works.


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