Consumer markets are constantly shifting, as tastes evolve, brands emerge, products launch, events arise, and time passes by. Each shift creates fresh new partnership opportunities, bringing different brands’ stars into alignment and opening a realm of new possibilities.

Kin keeps you abreast of the latest updates and developments from our member brands, sparking ideas which may manifest into lucrative new partnerships for your business.

Simply visit our Opportunities page, where you can view all posts, and search by brand and news date to refine the list.

You can also add an opportunity for your own brand – this can be found under My Opportunities in your Account pages.

Opportunities are a blank canvas to share anything of note happening with your brand, to inspire prospective partners to reach out and connect.

You may want to share updates on your brand, product, market, advertising or upcoming promotions, highlighting how they translate into potential partnership opportunities for prospective partners.

Equally, if you have a brief for a specific partnership, you can craft a more formal RFI for members to respond to.