Grant Anderson

Grant Anderson – Partnerships Executive – Beer52

What success have Beer52 seen through partnerships over recent years?

We have enjoyed a lot of success in recent years through partnership activity, partnering with some of the biggest brands in the UK. It has played an integral part in our development and we have experienced an average annual growth of 120% since we were established in 2013.
Particular success has been found with other subscription-based brands but we have enjoyed effective partnerships with a range of different partners and verticals. The key is finding the right demographic.

Why should brands partner with Beer52?

We are the UK’s number 1 beer club and have over 175k active members who are highly engaged with our service. Our membership is 80% male, the highest age index is 25-44 and has a high household income, so we are an excellent partner for any brand that targets this demographic.

Over time we have accrued a large contactable database that we can leverage on a swap basis with the right brands. We also have various touch-points we can utilise both online and offline

We can support the right partnership financially if we believe it could be an effective one.

We run a range of online and offline events where there are further opportunities for promotion and partners can feature in Ferment, one of the UK’s leading magazines.

We are an innovative and forward-thinking brand. We know what works for us but we’re open to trying new approaches and different channels. Partnership and collaboration is at the heart of business growth and we want to work with strong, like-minded brands that can find new and exciting ways to grow our businesses.

What are your partnership objectives?

Our key objective is customer acquisition. We have a strong sign-up offer of a free case which partners can use to add value to their customer relationship experience. Working with brands we see as having a product/service worth promoting to our own base is important to us. We want to work with like-minded brands in order to get as much we can out of the relationship both ways.

What types of partnerships are Beer52 looking to develop?

We like to work on a contra basis with the right brands (in terms of size and relevance) but are just as happy to pay companies to promote our service.

What brands & sectors are you looking to partner with?

We are open to partnering with any brand that has a good following from our target demographic (see above) and holds values similar to our own.