We’re Forthglade and we’re passionate about nourishing the relationship between you and your dog, starting with what they eat. We know how important it is for dogs to have a nutritious diet so they’re able to enjoy lots of adventures which is why our award-winning meals are packed full of nutritious ingredients with high quality protein, tasty vegetables, vitamins, minerals and botanicals, and 100% free from junk or fillers. As well as  natural dog food, we also make a wide selection of natural and nutritious grain-free treats for dogs… always free from junk and fillers. 


The sector(s) we operate in:   

Subscription service


Our partnership objectives:   

Attract new customers
Raise awareness of brand
Create new content

Partnership Frameworks we are open to:   

Added value - Looking for partners to add value for own customers
Added value - Can provide added value benefits for partners’ customers
Distribution - Looking to reach new audiences
Distribution - Have an audience partners can access

Who we’re open to exploring partnerships with:   

Automobile & related services
Banking & finance
Fashion & beauty
Food & beverage
Leisure & lifestyle
Software, streaming & technology
Subscription service
Travel & tourism

Communication channels we can offer to partners:

Advertising:    N/A
Email Communication:     100k - 500k opted in email contacts  
Direct Mail:    N/A 
Website:    Prefer not to say unique visitors  
Promotional Packaging:    N/A 
Retail store outlets:    N/A 
Social Media:    FacebookInstagram ,       
Other Channels:    N/A 

What we can provide to partners:   

Audience access
Competition prizes
Discounts & benefits

Our Brand Values

Every dog deserves a nutritious diet and this is at the heart of everything we do at Forthglade.

We are brave, ambitious and determined to grow
Everyone matters, every voice counts
We take pride in the business we are creating

We remind ourselves of our value and mission to create nutritious meals for dogs each day and it's what drives our team.

Our audience demographic

30 – 65 year olds

Single and family dog owners


Other Information

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    Contact Name:     Bea Preston-Ellis

    Contact Job Title:     Communications Manager



    Head office address:    

    Forthglade Foods Ltd
    Dartmoor View
    EX20 1GH


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