Advice on contacting members

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Once you’ve shortlisted the members you’re interested in exploring a potential partnership with, it’s time to reach out and connect. Our platform includes full messaging functionality, enabling you to build connections with partnership decision-makers at the brands which pique your interest. Simply scroll to the bottom of your selected brand’s profile page to contact them. Please note, outbound messaging is…

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8 steps to a successful partnership

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Start with why The key to launching successful partnerships is to be clear from the outset what your goals and objectives are. Is it to build your customer base, to raise awareness of your brand in new markets, enhance your offering or leverage your brand to create new revenue streams perhaps? Only when you know where you’re heading, can you...
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Adding opportunities and viewing members’ opportunity items

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Consumer markets are constantly shifting, as tastes evolve, brands emerge, products launch, events arise, and time passes by. Each shift creates fresh new partnership opportunities, bringing different brands’ stars into alignment and opening a realm of new possibilities. Kin keeps you abreast of the latest updates and developments from our member brands, sparking ideas which may manifest into lucrative new…

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Searching and shortlisting members

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The challenge many partnership marketers face with cold outreach, is the time and resource spent courting unreceptive brands. This could be down to prospecting the wrong contacts at brands that might be a fit, or simply spending time on brands who don’t consider partnerships as fundamental to their marketing mix. With Kin, we help you shortcut the process, enabling you...
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Creating your brand profile

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Once you’ve registered and had a look around, it’s time to set up your profile so you’re searchable on the platform. Simply visit add a new brand profile, which can be found in Account, under My Brand, to upload all the relevant information. You can also visit your My Brand page to edit or delete your profile once live. Your profile is your opportunity to...
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