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Lawrence King – Head of Commercial Partnerships, Hussle

What success have Hussle seen through partnerships over recent years?

Over the past few years, Hussle (formally PayAsUGym) have launched many high profile partnerships with Premier Inn, Three UK, Vodafone, and Revolut.

Our nationwide network of gyms, pools, spas, and digital fitness partners has helped us become the fitness provider of choice for brands who want to give their customers across the UK access to free or discounted health and fitness options.

Why should brands partner with Hussle?

At Hussle, we create partnerships with brands who want to offer their customer base incentives in the form of gym access. Instead of free coffee or cinema vouchers, we connect client’s customers to their new favourite gyms, as well as our digital fitness partners’ services.

Research shows that consumers care about health and fitness, and there’s a 60% growth in fitness-related conversations YoY. Plus, with gym membership costing on average over £40 per month, offering fitness as a benefit provides a high perceived value for our partners’ customers.

What are your partnership objectives?

Ultimately, Hussle aims to help people fit fitness in by providing a range of flexible options. Whether it’s a Day Pass or unlimited Monthly access, our passes let our customers work out in a way that suits them.

This extends to our partnership activity, where we offer value through discounted memberships in return for the opportunity to acquire new customers and getting them into the gym.

Hussle - Woman in gymWhat types of partnerships are Hussle looking to develop?

Our ideal partners share our values, agree with our mission, and have a link or requirement to promote health and wellness to a large accessible audience.

What brands & sectors are you looking to partner with?

Sectors of interest for Hussle include insurance (particularly life/health insurance), banking, and wellness/fitness brands.

If you’d like to find out more, you can check out Hussle’s page on Kin here.