Here’s the recording from Kin’s recent webinar with Sonja Sofia Schmidt and THG Ingenuity‘s Saoirse Correia discussing all things brand partnerships and D2C.


3:48 – 6:00. What is D2C
6.00 – 9.09. What is the role of D2C
9:45 – 12:50. How do you integrate partnership strategy within different marketing channels
13:41 – 16:00. How do you draw on data to build a successful partnership
16:38 – 19:09. What is the role of personalisation in D2C
19:42 – 22:11. What are the benefits of partnerships for D2C brands
26:53 – 30:11. How can D2C brands drive sustainable business growth
34:36 – 37:00. Do a lot of the D2C brands THG Ingenuity works with use partnerships or is it underutilised
37:30 – 39:11. Where do you think D2C will go in the next five years