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Barry Higson – Business Development Manager, Low6

What success have Low6 seen through partnerships over recent years?

In less than a year we have grown our user base from 5,000 to 140,000+ through our current Partnerships. We have also grown from attracting Div 2 UK Football clubs to the Global brands such as the UFC, Glasgow Rangers and The Dutch Football League, The Erevidisie. Over the next few months, Low6 will be launching many more exciting games with many more serious global partners.

Why should brands partner with Low6?

Our growth trajectory is off the chart. We are a young, innovative business that has attracted significant investment. We will IPO this year and even in our infancy, we have exclusive deals agreed that will see us enter the US market via prestigious NBA and NFL franchises. We already have partnerships with over 25 UK Football Clubs in addition to other major sporting organisations such UFC & Matchroom. We have access to a relatively untouched millennial and Gen Z audience and we can partner with brands to help them access this market. We are flexible business, always looking for exciting new ideas from our brands and partners and as a tech company, we are able to bring these ideas to life very quickly!

What are your partnership objectives?

We create our games but also create games on behalf of our rightsholders, we are looking for brands to partner with to create a more unique user experience that increases users, revenue but importantly fun and fan engagement.

What types of partnerships are Low6 looking to develop?

We are currently looking to work with a major brand to Sponsor our showcase Product/Game, ‘Ultimate Fan’. As a snapshot, UltimateFan is a Free-to-Play daily fantasy game where the objective is to create the best lineup you can via “cards” revealed by opening up “packs” to win each Cash contest for Euro 2020. “Pack drops” will occur throughout each round of the Euros and the aim will be to create the best team in order to win the best prizes. Low6 are committed have 125K for prizes for EURO2020 and we will be rolling this out to the Premier League and major European leagues in the not to distant future.

What brands & sectors are you looking to partner with?

Very open to the majority of sectors but a brand that resonates well with a millennial – Gen Z audience would fit best. Energy drinks, tech, sporting goods, betting, phone networks, fitness, gaming etc would all work well.

If you would like to find out more about Low6 you can view their profile on Kin and contact Barry Higson via their profile page here