What success has Pooch & Mutt seen through partnerships this year?

Pooch & Mutt have teamed up with a variety of pet focused businesses in the past year to increase our brand awareness and offer added-value to our customers and followers.

Our 12 Days of Poochmas giveaway campaign back in December 2020 was our first advent prize draw where we partnered with 12 wonderful doggo-focused brands to give away prizes to our social and email audiences. The competition delivered over 12,000 engagements for our partners, grew our Instagram following by 10% and delivered over 3000 opt ins.

We’ve continued to team up with partners from our 12 Days of Christmas campaign. In February of this year, we collaborated with dog activity monitor brand PitPat for a feature with Women’s Running magazine to prompt owners to get more active with their dogs during lockdown. This was followed up with our Mental Health campaign where we promoted the benefits of getting active with your dog. Both PitPat and Pooch & Mutt now regularly promote offers to each other’s audience. More recently, we ran an educational series across email and our Dog Blog with Itch Pet to raise awareness amongst owners on how protect their dogs against fleas, with a guest blog post from our partners over at Itch. View the post here

Our most recent co-branded campaign with Original Cottages has already delivered over 6000 opt-ins for both brands with over a week left to go! Click here to check it out

Why should brands partner with Pooch & Mutt?

Pooch & Mutt have grown from strength to strength in the past year. With fresh investment from European pet food manufacturers, Vafo, plus a brand new website, subscription journey and logged in member area set to land in May 2021, we’re gearing up for significant growth again this year.

Our social following now sits at over 150k with a fast growing database. We’ve seen significant growth in website traffic and orders too, growing over 150% YoY.

Factoring in the extra 3 million + dogs that have found a new home during the pandemic, there’s a very good chance the proportion of pet owning customers brands hold has increased too.

If that wasn’t enough, we have an incredible brand and design team who are at the centre at every campaign we run. On hand to offer fun, engaging promotional ideas, pooch perfect designs, host co-branded competitions and launch our ever-growing army of celeb and micro-influencers to amplify our message.

 Our current partnership objective are to:

– Grow our active subscriber base through added value campaigns
– Acquisition of new puppy owners and breeder customers
– Drive traffic to our new website (launching June 2021)
– Increase our social following

What types of partnerships are Pooch & Mutt looking to develop?

We’re currently looking for partners who can help us introduce our brand to new audiences (ideally with a high proportion of pet owners!) and help us grow our subscription customer base.

No partnership is out of the question in our minds, from Coffee to Homeware brands, Insurance to Holiday brands, pet owners are everywhere and we’re keen to chat to them!

Cat HarrisonWe’re open to co-sponsored prize draws, guest content, email inclusions, social mentions, dashboard offers and on-pack advertising, and can provide a strong discount on our ranges for new customers.

We’re specifically looking for Pet Insurance and Vet-Call partners this quarter to help us provide added value to our subscribing customers once we launch our new logged in members area.

If you’re interested in collaborating with Pooch & Mutt, please contact Cat Harrison via our profile on Kin.