The challenge many partnership marketers face with cold outreach, is the time and resource spent courting unreceptive brands.

This could be down to prospecting the wrong contacts at brands that might be a fit, or simply spending time on brands who don’t consider partnerships as fundamental to their marketing mix.

With Kin, we help you shortcut the process, enabling you to quickly build connections with partnership decision-makers who are active in the space, knowing they’re open to approaches from prospective partners.

Having access to comprehensive profiles from leading consumer brands across a multitude of sectors also provides the necessary insight into what selected partners are looking for, as well as information on what they can bring to the table. Enabling you to better validate opportunities and ensure outreach is targeted, relevant and more likely to spark an interest.

Our dynamic search facility enables you to build a list of potential partner brands that fit your own unique criteria.

Before applying any search filters, you’ll find a full list of Kin’s member brands, which can be refined by sector, partnership frameworks the member is open to, communication channels they have available and what they can bring to a partnership.


When considering sectors, we’d recommend keeping an open mind. Unexpected partnerships can often be the most impactful, helping brands to cut through the noise and bring innovation to tired markets – as can be seen in our recent series, showcasing our favourite collaborations from around the globe.

Partnership frameworks brand is open to

For an overview of the various partnership frameworks our members might be open to, take a look at the key partnership frameworks here.

For a more in depth understanding of partnership frameworks we recommend reading Econsultancy’s ‘Complete guide to partnership marketing’ and Ron Kunitzky’s Partnership Marketing: How to Grow Your Business and Transform Your Brand Through Smart Collaboration

With so many different partnership frameworks available, Kin’s search facility ensures you’re able to quickly identify the brands open to the specific models you’re interested in.

Please note, the filters here show what partnership frameworks our members are open to, so please bear that in mind, rather than selecting those you are open to yourself.

As an example, if you were looking to access new audiences through a distribution partnership, you would need to select ‘Distribution – Have an audience partners can access’.

Communication channels available

Whilst many partnerships take an integrated approach, utilising a wide range of communication channels, you may have a requirement for a partner who can offer a presence across a particular medium – be it in a retail store, across social media or via direct mail. Our search facility enables you to identify such opportunities at the outset.

What the brand can provide

It’s useful to know up front what prospective partners can bring to the table, helping to manage expectations and ensure negotiations towards achieving a balanced partnership set off on the right foot.


Should a particular brand take your fancy as you’re perusing our members, you can click ‘Shortlist’ in the top right-hand corner of their page.

Your ‘favourites’ will then show in your shortlisted brands, helping you quickly refer back to them prior to contacting.

N.B. we only show the search options available with our members. For example, if there are no pharmaceutical brands on the platform, this won’t be available as a potential sector to select.