Upgrade to Premium membership

Why Upgrade?


  • Gain full access to members’ profiles
  • Gain full messaging functionality so you can contact members
  • Gain full access to the latest opportunities members post

Save hours spent courting unreceptive brands


No more wasting time trying to track down decision makers, not knowing whether they’re open to new partnerships, or what collaborations they might be looking for.

We help you shortcut the process, enabling you to quickly and directly build connections with partnership decision-makers who are active in the space, knowing they’re open to approaches from prospective partners.

Having access to comprehensive profiles from leading consumer brands across a range of sectors also provides the necessary insight into what selected partners are looking for, as well as information on what they can bring to the table.

Enabling you to better validate opportunities and ensure outreach is targeted, relevant and more likely to spark an interest.

Benefits of Premium membership


Build connections with partnership decision makers.

Save time and resource in outreach.

Gain valuable insight into partners.

Learn what they’re looking for and what they can bring to the table so you can tailor outreach and improve success.

Connect with brands that fit your partner criteria.

Our dynamic search functionality lets you build a list of potential partners that are right for you.

Keep up to date on the latest partnership opportunities.

Receive updates on new campaigns members are launching which require a brand partner.


Essential membership

£ Free

  • Create a brand profile to showcase your brand to members – let them know what you can offer partners and what you’re looking for
  • Inspire members with the latest opportunities and updates about your brand
  • Inbound messaging functionality so you can respond to messages

Premium monthly membershipMost Popular

£ 199

per month
  • All the Essential benefits plus…
  • Full messaging functionality so you can contact all members on the platform
  • Full access to members’ profiles, to learn about their businesses, partnership objectives and everything they can offer to potential partners
  • Full access to all new partnership opportunities listed on Kin
  • Up to 5 additional users on your membership
  • Receive personal introductions to members from the Kin team

Why Partner with leading brands

Reach new customers

Access new audiences and gain greater distribution, by building on a partner’s momentum and hard-earned position in the market.

Drive brand awareness

Align with the right partners to build awareness, shift and reinforce customer perceptions of your brand.

Reduce acquisition costs

With a direct route into a partner’s customer base and their endorsement of your brand, partnerships can significantly reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

Build brand loyalty

Drive engagement by partnering with brands your customers love – adding value to your relationships and earning loyalty for your brand.

Strengthen your offer

Enhancing your offering can be time consuming and costly – working with a partner to expand your product or service can shortcut the process.

Open new revenue streams

The right partnerships can open new revenue streams for your business, by leveraging your brand & owned media channels, and enabling you to enter new markets.